Bloom Design Barcelona

One day, a client and friend told us “When I see you so into your work, really enjoying what you do, I feel confident in placing myself in your hands and those of your great team”. This is an idea that defines us so well that I hope you don’t mind us using it, Robert!! That’s what we do: we listen to you, design, make your dreams reality in the form of spaces and we enjoy the whole process as if we were doing it for ourselves. We have the experience, the professionalism and the team. Do you want to wade through a lengthy, tiring process or would you rather forget about everything and enjoy choosing materials from the best showrooms with the benefit of our guidance?
You might need a garage with space for more than ten vehicles, or a football pitch to train on. Maybe you want a dressing room just for your shoes or perhaps you want to contemplate the city skyline from the jacuzzi on your rooftop terrace. Do you want a kitchen with a wine cellar that would be the envy of an experienced sommelier or a table that looks like a piece of abstract art? Whatever it is you need, don’t worry, because, together with us, you’ll find out that at Bloom, we don’t create works, we build homes.

marzo 29, 2017

One of our best projects, on sale

This house has been designed by our team, Bloom Design Barcelona.

febrero 3, 2016

LifeStyle Hogares

The Mediterranean spirit is alive in this whole House.