Who we are

Bloom Design Barcelona

The roots of Bloom Design Barcelona go back to the year 1998, when we created a working group that is responsible for tracing from the first lines of a project to the final detail. From then on until now we have been selecting the best professionals, being aware that keeping both the quality in the creation and the design phase and in the implementation of a project is crucial for success. The team consists of architects, technicians, creative architects, draftsmen and coordinators.


Projects creative and project manager

David Bloom


Projects Coordinator and Administration

Jordi Garrigós

Our Style

Our projects are of Mediterranean flair, we look for simplicity, elegance and light large spaces filled with life. We create projects involving our customers, assimilating the information received from them and transforming it to create an environment to enjoy, providing functionality to the perfection of the visual image.

What we do

We create projects for all kinds of budgets, our philosophy is that with the minimum budget it is possible to create something spectacular, and that is something that makes us different from the others.

In order to do this we have a great working group which includes building professionals , manufactures, suppliers, all of them are selected over years of experience. Together we have carried out many projects in the field of private residences, hotels and commercial buildings, having served important customers.

Our team

We create spaces, we develop interior design, we design tailor-made furniture (bathroom, kitchen, and others), we take care of landscaping and gardening, and advise on the purchase of the remaining furniture and decoration… In short we take care of all the details so that our clients only has to bring their personal belongings after the work is over. The contact with the customer is close and personalized advising and supporting the whole process, so that we can be aware of any details that could be improved as the work keeps going.


When the projects enter their execution phase, a good coordination among all the different professionals involved is vital to keep deadlines and guarantee the quality of the final result. This capability is highly appreciated by our customers, since it saves them the daily problems related to construction site and provides them with the security of knowing that a team with experience is taking care of their peace of mind.

Technic Team

Pere Guillén
Senior Arquitect

Jordi Llácer
Tecnical Arquitect

Fernando Montes
Senior Arquitect

Jaume Ferrándiz
Delineant Developer

Laura Albert
Delineant Developer